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The year was 1982 and my Dad & founder of Daisy Cleaners Gabriel Desjardins hired a couple of young whipper snappers Miguel Hernandez and Nanette Rheault who wanted to learn the cleaning business. Well fast forward 35 years and Miguel and Nan are still part of the Daisy team.

Miguel Hails from the Dominican Republic and is now a US citizen although he still enjoys going back home to visit family and friends. He owns a lovely home there where he plans to retire (he threatens frequently of retiring). Nan is a local gal with family roots in Salem since 1967. She is an avid reader and is truly committed to he nephews and nieces and great nephews and nieces.

It sometimes scares me to think how many hours I’ve spent with these two individuals over the last 33 years myself. I’m positive it’s more time than my wife of 33 years. They are both perfectionists and we are lucky to have had them on the team for so many years. They have helped greatly with building Daisy Cleaners to what it is today!

daisy cleaners blog
daisy cleaners blog

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