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Bridal Gown Emergency

How did you end your 2016? Here at Daisy, the whole team came together to save a bride’s day!

Erika emailed us on Thursday December 29th with a wedding gown emergency. Her gown was noticeably soiled on the bottom from being tried on by several potential purchasers. Erica needed the gown for her January 7th wedding day.

The care label was a bit complicated and several Vermont cleaners in her area would not touch it! We invited her to come down to Daisy (a two hour ride one way, ouch). Erika arrived at 10:30 AM Friday morning and after a brief consultation, we took on the job.

As she got into her car, we felt horrible that she would have to spend another four hours in the car Wednesday to pick it up. So in true Jim fashion, I ran out to the car and told her to go shopping at the mall behind the store for three hours and we would accept the challenge to make her special gown our #1 priority. (This is usually at best a one week turn around).

The wedding gown was hand spotted, individually cleaned and hand finished by a three person team. As you can see it came out beautiful! By 12:45 PM we had the gown completed and Erika was on her way home to Vermont with her gorgeous gown in tow and was able to enjoy her New Year’s without worrying about her gown.

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