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American Legion Recognizes Local Man for Cleaning Flags Keeping Old Glory looking new has been a passion for a Salem drycleaner who helps to make American flags around town look pristine. Daisy Cleaners owner, Jim Desjardins, was recognized by the Veterans Association recently for cleaning

2018 Salem Boys & Girls Club Auction Daisy Cleaners enjoys supporting the Salem Boys & Girls Club throughout the year. Their annual auction is one of our favorite events! We’re very thankful for these two wonderful gentleman, who BOTH just paid $13,500 for a year’s

Year-Round Coat Drive ALL YEAR ROUND Daisy Cleaners collects donations of coats for people in need. Our team cleans them (free) and then brings them to the Pleasant Street Church in Salem, NH. We also work with Ski Haus in Salem to provide coats for Lazarus

Wedding Gowns – from Dirty to Dazzling! See the beautiful transformation of two wedding dresses that came in with extensive dirt stains on the bottom edges Here are two wedding gowns we recently restored. Gown #1 BEFORE Gown #2 BEFORE Gown #1 AFTER Gown #2

Mamma taught Daisy Veterans Todays Daisy verterans (Miguel 36 yrs, Jim 35 yrs, Nan 36 yrs) all got their start with this lovely woman, Kay (mamma) Pappalardo, who worked as the lead cleaner/presser and trainer at Daisy. She taught all of us that QUALITY ALWAYS

Restoring Old Dresses Did you know Daisy can do restoration work on older clothing and gowns? Here are 3 dingy dresses BEFORE: Here are the crisp, bright white restored dresses AFTER being cleaned by Daisy Cleaners:     Restoration & Preservation Services: Daisy preserves and

Here at Daisy we pride ourselves in the quality of our cleaning services